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Question by Kevin: When do kittens “chill out” / annoying kitten at night help !!?
So I picked up a stray kitten a few months back. He’s a sweat cat with a fun personality. Hes been back and forth from my college apt and my parents home. At the house we have 2 dogs and 2 other cats. My kitten is always able to play but recently as he has grown bigger he is getting to aggressive with the other animals. He pounced on my 15 year old cat and was biting him all over the neck. Anyway back to the main topic. Over there I guess he is entertained. In my apartment he always needs attention. I swear its worse than a baby. Right now hes walking all over my keyboard / face. If I put him down he will jump back up. Very stubborn. I shower and he actually sits inside the shower curtain waiting. I know it sounds cute but here is where it gets too annoying. At night . . .

At night he usually sleeps fine until about 5ish. Then he wakes up. He jumps up and starts head butting / kneading me in my neck. Then after I throw him off my bed he starts meowing / running all over the place playing. If I lock him in my laundry room he will meow nonstop. I don’t want to upset my neighbors since that room is right on the shared wall. If I close my bedroom door he will be at my door meowing for hours. Then (if its a weekend) I wake up around 10 and he will start sleeping . . .

Once again hes a stray and approx 5-6 months old now. He weighs 8 pounds and I guess is an “average” size cat.

The main thing that annoys me to death is the sleep situation at night. Im a very light sleeper and a premed college student who studies a lot. Im sick of going to class half asleep. Any tips about what I can do. Forgot to mention he is neutered (male . . .) which didn’t appear to calm him down at all.

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Answer by Member Six
Lol…I’ve been there. I could seriously sympathize with my friends with newborns for a while there. My two girls are a little over one and just finally can be trusted to do as they please at night time.

We experienced a lot of problems though when they were at the age of your little guy. What we did was gave them a bomb space to sleep in…like kitten heaven on Earth. They love warmth and hiding under blankets (aka “forts”) so we made them a little fort in our small, warm bathroom. We also added their kitty carrier with a soft blanket on the inside and made this part of the fort. Our bathroom is also incredibly dark with the lights out, so I think this helped too. Then we established a routine. Each night by 10pm we would close them in the bathroom for bedtime. They knew the time was coming and looked forward to it. After a while, we even found they would put themselves to bed. At 9:30 we would wonder what happened to the cats and would find them curled up in their bathroom fort, right exhausted. I’m sure they didn’t always sleep through the night, but what’s important is that I did! They kept quiet and were happy. Then we would wake them up at 6am (when we got up) and they’d be ready to go and start the day at the same time as us.

We did run into the odd problem with this method. There were some nights in the beginning where I just really had to ignore them. We eventually added food, water and a scratching post to the kitten fort so no need went unfulfilled.

Within a few months they did a lot of growing up as cats and could be trusted to roam freely at night time, but still mostly chose to head to their kitten fort bed by 10 pm all on their own. Now they actually sleep through the night right in bed with me, which is something I never thought would happen. However, if I try and sleep in they’ll both lick and nudge me untilI I play with them,often dropping toys in my face.

So, basically I suggest creating an ideal sleeping space for your cat and establishing a bedtime routine. Another suggestion would be to add another cat to the mix. Most cats really like the feline companionship and it keeps them busy so they don’t demand so much of your attention.

Best of luck! Hope you find something that works for you!

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