Have you seen this video of the adorable kittens that slide down the kids play-house slide? They were born up there and kept getting loose. Too cute!

“Kittens that are living in my old playhouse are learning how to go down the slide. Momma Dove isn’t happy about it. Added notes: The cat gave birth up there, I didn’t put them up there. I love my babies, so shut up about the animal abuse crap.”

Check-out this adorable video of hungry little 2-month old Persian Kittens, just learning to eat, but still wanting mama’s milk.

www.PersianKittenEmpire.Com – Our kittens are 2 month old. These adorable Persian kittens just learned how to eat on their own, but they are still bothering their mother for milk. These kitties are super cute and funny!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check out this video we found of cute little kittens begging for dinner:

7 week old fostered kittens waiting on their dinner being prepared. They had been ill with cat flu and were just starting to get their appetite back. Because of their condition I had to chop their food finely and then add water and their medication to it. Once they were old enough and healthy enough the kittens were eventually re-homed in pairs to two loving families. They were never purposely starved for our entertainment – Cats can be very impatient and demanding!

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Who could have abandoned these fluff-balls of sweetness? Check out this video slide-show we found:

three really cute puppies
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Who can resist dancing kittens? You? I don’t think so…
So check out this video we found:

My kitty with his brothers and cousins dancing. He’s the little dopey one on the very far right. lol! This was at my breeder Malric British Shorthairs. The Kittens are all not from one mother as some people seem to think. www.malric-britishshorthairs.co.uk The song is from the milkshake drink Crusha ad. Link below: www.youtube.com

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Check out this video we found of the cute fuzz muffins known as Maltese!

Upcoming video: About The Cutest Puppies A Live: Pembroke Welsh Corgi All you need to know, if you wanna have the cutest puppy in the world. check out my blog: twitter: video by: Animal Planet

Check out this amazing video we found of a guy singing a litter of puppies to sleep! Awesome cuteness!

singing puppies to sleep
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Check out this video we found:

It’s a cute puppy!! also the breed is a welch corgi! so quit asking me!

There will be a contest to pick names for the cute baby baboons. See video:

Check out this Monkey grooming a cat. Wonder how much he charges?

Check out this classic footage of a tiny baby panda sneezing so loudly, that it startles mama panda!

Original footage taken and being used via YouTube, where it was posted with permission of LJM Productions Pty. Ltd.,/Wild Candy Pty. Ltd. Check out their authentic t-shirts here: http://www.sneezingbabypanda.com

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