We have to hand it to Josie, her kittens are ready for the big screen. You have to see these cute kittens take-off into space!

Check out this video we found:

A fat cat got 3 small cats. One had a dream Of getting away in a space shuttle With his friends Magicat Dragon-cat Bee-cat Because kittens dream too. By Baz, Josiane and Seb Song credits : Caroline Keating – Billy Joel More at : yourdailymilk.com 33mag.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Josie’s Cute Kittens”

  1. pansagittarius says:

    Oh.My.Goodness! What cute little babies!!!!

  2. mzcyberbat says:

    oh, I have never seen kittehs with costumes! I love the bee :)

  3. sumame47 says:

    The kittens are soooo cute and I know my grandson will love watching this video when he’s over next (Lucas is almost 3 and always puts up with cute videos that Grandma has him watch) :-)

  4. alliktac says:

    9 people didn’t like this video and clicked the ‘i dislike this’ button

  5. TheSQRLGIRL says:

    BWAHAHAHaha! That’s the cutesy thing evaaaaa!

  6. greedisgood5000 says:


    Lena Meyer ;-)

  7. AsSeenOnTV0893 says:


    They’re so CUTE!

  8. itimiii says:

    I me some kitty burgers… yum!

  9. MonthuRa says:

    the singer reminds me of the girl who won eurovision, the german girl very recent one.

  10. usuariodeyutiub says:

    I burped out of cuteness.

  11. beckybassoona says:

    I cannot stop watching this video! SHOOOOO CUUUUUTE! XD

  12. unicorn4031 says:

    lol at kittens chewing the scenery :)

  13. KinguNoKin says:

    @aliyasoofi Amusing fact. There is no soul. Try again : )

  14. DoloresHaze84 says:

    OMFGKITTENS! Man, I almost cried from the sheer about of cuteness in this video! [hugs her cat]

  15. thecomputergirl1999 says:

    I love this it’s so cute I love kittens and I find this quite funny especially when the kitten is in the spaceship! It’s random but so cute I love it, it makes me smile and giggle

  16. CSryoh says:

    @aliyasoofi damn those gingers!

  17. WaterBearer2008 says:


  18. bendiviolet says:

    This always cheers me up when I’ve had a bad day, nice to have a little sweetness in the world.

  19. HowDoYouKnowImMad13 says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! i just died!!!! :) (of cuteness overload)

  20. MarenElisa says:

    Aww, they’re so friggin’ cute!! I love kittens. <3

  21. isacnr7 says:

    Awww so cute 5stars four this video

  22. DHGameStudios says:

    @jaruzek Caroline Keating – Billy Joel, incase you never were answered :P

  23. Prestigiousnetter says:

    amazing video! Well done!

  24. bigbird2621 says:

    I don’t get it

  25. SuperPicketfence says:

    @jaruzek She’s a very unknown and EXCELLENT independant artist from quebec city, called Caroline Keating, you can get her music on her myspace… She’s my childhood friend :)

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