Check-out this adorable video of hungry little 2-month old Persian Kittens, just learning to eat, but still wanting mama’s milk.

www.PersianKittenEmpire.Com – Our kittens are 2 month old. These adorable Persian kittens just learned how to eat on their own, but they are still bothering their mother for milk. These kitties are super cute and funny!
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25 Responses to “Cute Kittens at Lunch !!!”

  1. mayhmong says:


  2. sashok00 says:

    @RJJAofSouthBend – NJ

  3. RJJAofSouthBend says:

    Саня а где ты живёшь?

  4. FeralPyg says:

    @theSjfatprick – FAIL! Your assumption is wrong. I’m from London, England…

  5. Gedda206 says:

    @TheSjpatrik learn about jokes. And besides, like your country is any more advanced than us. Just sayin.

  6. TheSjpatrik says:

    @FeralPyg stupid american!

  7. flonga1 says:


  8. TVseriesman says:

    ww w .prizelive. net

  9. Nickiandjosh29 says:

    cute lil babies : ) also, why do all these cat videos have millionsof views ? lol

  10. FeralPyg says:

    They look delicious – coated in batter and deep fried…

  11. TheUltimateDuffer says:

    @clarencejones07 why do you insist on doubling up every letter in your sentence? Go back to school

  12. 1123yayi says:

    they aRE so cutte

  13. edwardfarnell says:

    0:25, to look into the eyes of a cat is to know true treachery

  14. edwardfarnell says:

    0:25, to look into the eyes of a cat is to know true tretchery

  15. MrTomichaels says:

    Theyre so FLUFFY !!!!!

  16. AngeloChauaa779 says:


  17. TheGHbass says:

    Song it’s sound track for film- “Василий Иванович меняет профессию (Vasily Ivanovich cange profession)” 1973year – USSR

  18. FritoBandito15 says:

    00:11 00:13 ima eat chuu foot!!! ahgg come heree!

  19. charadeyouareha says:

    I’d say those kittens are weaned!

  20. pagazuri says:

    what’s the name of the song? uou

  21. dreakadon says:


  22. MajigamaFreak says:

    Soooooooo cuuuuuuuteeeee

  23. 12AloXVida12 says:

    aaaaaaaaaaa!!!! is beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. urosh1994 says:

    0:23 – ‘GOD, HELP ME!’

  25. Feathery0 says:

    Loop 3-6 seconds

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