Check out this video we found, yet another entry into the world’s cutest kitten contest!:

Little cute creature.

25 Responses to “World’s Cutest Kitten”

  1. IceCreamBender says:

    for gods sake, thats the cutest thing ive seen…makes you wonder why there are people who hate these screatures, OR EVEN HARM THEM! those people will burn in hell forever…BUT THOSE WHO CARE FOR THEM! OR LOVE THEM! SHALL GO ON TO HEAVEN!PURE!!!AND I RATE THIS *****5 starz***** whoever agress…thumbs this up for those with the greatest of hearts

  2. crazycupcake10 says:

    AWW !!! :D

  3. kikkizlilgirl says:

    What cute eyes!! And such adorable stubby little legs!! >.<

  4. simonappyorse says:

    what kind of kitten?

  5. meeelyyyxo0x says:

    @MinteCreatza thanks!!!

  6. gryffindorgardian says:

    OMGZ~~~ _ melts from cuteness overload_ CUUUUUUUUUTE!!!!!! I WANA HUGS THE KITTEN!!!!1

  7. HaloSparta says:

    omg cute round eyes

  8. NedrevikOWNS says:

    But will it blend?

  9. Astvatzatur says:

    This Kitten really IS the world’s cuttest ^^

  10. DoberFlush says:

    i put a cat in a blender once that looked like that one and dared my sis 2 hit blend and she did and i went like this.. meowrrrr zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mearrrrrrrrr zz smear rrrrrrrr. it was a mess we had to throw the blender out. *cough*

  11. blackelsy says:

    thumbsup if you muted the audio

  12. shitmit says:

    @Tayuya94 lol…wats the point of askin’ if u r gonna steal it?

  13. MinteCreatza says:

    @meeelyyyxo0x i think it’s a scottish fold

  14. TristaLoveable says:

    it has such tiny legs!!!!!

  15. Tayuya94 says:

    OMG….can I steal your cat?

  16. spartandudde says:

    how can you dislike this? cats are so cute and adorable. I had 4 at my house. 1 of them died recently (he was 18 yrs old, poor guy) even if they are old, they’re still cute

  17. joseph70lee says:

    so adorable

  18. meeelyyyxo0x says:

    what kind of kitten is this?

  19. IMorzan says:


  20. gungasc says:

    Its prob the runt of the little.

  21. MyPolgara says:

    But why are his legs shorter than his brothers?

  22. ShadowMario2000 says:

    @lefteyegomad Dude, shut the fuck up, no it isn’t, it’s a scottish fold and short legs are common when they’re kittens, and it has no health problems

  23. MonyVibescu1919 says:

    Its a Carf (Cat+Dwarf)!

  24. EmoPoser221 says:

    512 poeple are sick kitten-hating bastards):

  25. madreader222 says:


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