Have you seen this video of the adorable kittens that slide down the kids play-house slide? They were born up there and kept getting loose. Too cute!

“Kittens that are living in my old playhouse are learning how to go down the slide. Momma Dove isn’t happy about it. Added notes: The cat gave birth up there, I didn’t put them up there. I love my babies, so shut up about the animal abuse crap.”

We have to hand it to Josie, her kittens are ready for the big screen. You have to see these cute kittens take-off into space!

Check out this video we found:

A fat cat got 3 small cats. One had a dream Of getting away in a space shuttle With his friends Magicat Dragon-cat Bee-cat Because kittens dream too. By Baz, Josiane and Seb Song credits : Caroline Keating – Billy Joel More at : yourdailymilk.com 33mag.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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So you can’t have a real cat? How about a virtual cat simulation? This has got to be one of the best ways to get your fix of cat cuteness in a Nintendo DS format!

New Ubisoft Petz Catz Playground Simulation Game Nintendo Ds Popular Excellent Performance

  • Ubisoft Petz Catz Playground.
  • Return Period (Days):10. Manufacturer Warranty:30 DAYS.
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  • In Petz Catz Playground, players can care and bond with the cutest kittens.
  • With so many breeds to choose from, every kitten is unique!

Lazy or active, each cat will need to be well-fed and cared for. Play fun activities and discover each cat’s personality. After raising a few kittens, you may even breed them and nurture them in Petz Nursery. Then, once they are grown they can come back to Catz Playground to play all the fun activities. This product only accept the return of defective, If no quality problems do not accept returns.

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One of the few things cuter than photos of puppies is puppy photos in 3-D. This is an adorable fix for the puppy lover in your life.

World’s Cutest Puppies In 3-D

No Synopsis Available
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Price: 6.65

Check-out this adorable video of hungry little 2-month old Persian Kittens, just learning to eat, but still wanting mama’s milk.

www.PersianKittenEmpire.Com – Our kittens are 2 month old. These adorable Persian kittens just learned how to eat on their own, but they are still bothering their mother for milk. These kitties are super cute and funny!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Cutest Kittens

CUTEST KITTENS a fun compendium of the cutest kittens of all kinds, from swimming kitties to celebrity kitties being groomed for TV and movies.

This one-hour special include adorable montage of pregnant cats, birth of the kittens, and the first weeks of the young kitten an mamma.

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Get your daily fix of cute snow-white fuzzballs of joy. These kitten cuties are perfect next to the fuzzy teddy bear!

Cutest kittens & Teddy Bear Art Print Poster – 16×20

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  • high quality full color poster with white border
  • measures 16.00 by 20.00 inches

Cutest kittens & Teddy Bear Art Print Poster – 16×20

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Zooborns: The Cutest Baby Animals from Zoos Around the World!. by Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland

If you love pictures of Zoo Babies, you will want to have a copy of this awesome book of zoo babies. “ZooBorns” has photos of cute exotic baby animals from zoos world-wide. The authors, Andrew Bleiman and Chris Eastland, great photos of baby animals taken at accredited zoos and aquariums. This may be best book every for a fuzzy-cute fanatic and anyone who loves baby animals! Give this book to all animal lovers in your life.

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Carry your Nintendo DS Lite with the cute protection of puppies. This protective skin is designed to keep your DS safe and cute!

Animal Kingdom Cute Puppy Puppies Decorative Protector Skin Decal Sticker for Nintendo DS Lite

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  • Covers up old ugly scratches, protects and buffers the DS Lite surface from occasional nicks and scratches.

This 4-piece skin set is made out of premium grade vinyl that does not add any volume or weight to your DS Lite, keeping it original with a great new look. It features ultra-high resolution, brilliant full-color design that are processed with UV resistant inks on self-adhesive vinyl. It is coated with an extra layer of water-proof, smooth high-glossy protective film for the ultimate durability. Once applied, it covers up old ugly scratches, and like a thin membrane, it protects and buffers the d



Wrap your ten-inch netbook with the cutest kitten, holding up a paw. From now-on you’s get a dose of cuteness every time you reach for your computer.

10″-10.2″ Netbook Sleeve cute kitten holding up paws

  • Measurements (External): 28cm x 23cm
  • Measurements (Internal): 27cm x 21cm
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  • Lots of great designs

The new notebook sleeves with colourful images and patterns, not just protect your netbook but also give charactors to it. Double zipper ensures secure protection.


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